And so came October



New days, old habits

Visited the old town of Kungälv last week, a beautiful place with cosy streets and old houses right outside of Gothenburg. This is where my boyfriend and I will be moving within the next month. I look forward to exploring the surrounding nature, the beautiful forests and rivers and sharing with you even more gloomy nature photography.

Hide from the light


Hide from the light they told me

Don’t let anyone in
And keep the secrets
of your heart to yourself

That is why I never speak in public
Never share my name or let people see
even the slightest glimpse of who I am
That ‘s what my demons have taught me

You see I’m no one
I’m nothing
But it’s all that I have
and my demons remind me that I shouldn’t care

And that is why
That is why

Hide from the light they told me
Happiness is weakness
and I intent to be strong
I’ve lived and learnt my lesson

If they don’t know who you are,
they can’t get to you.

Into the mist

This is the time of the year when the weather here in Sweden is as most diverse, if you ask me. Last night, as I sat by my window drinking tea from my favorite cup, looking out into the dark, the sky was in uproar. Trees were dancing and the wind roared as the rain hammered on the window sill. Perfectly stormy weather. Today, on the other hand, I awoke to a blazing sun and a clear blue sky.

I do prefer the misty mornings of October.